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Gyre FX-130 Generator

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Gyre FX-130 Generator
It is difficult to overstate the importance of water motion in a reef aquarium — the “Gyre Generator” is a pump that has changed how you
can move water in an aquarium. Unlike propeller pumps, the Gyre uses two centrifugal fans, with a centrally located, submerged direct
current (DC) motor coupled to these fans. Guarded water inlets allow intake of water, which is pushed out of discharges on either side. The
entire assembly is held in place by an external magnet, and a controller lets the aquarist decide on how much flow (either continuous or
pulsed) as well as reversed flow is generated.
Controller Functions
Constant speed mode:
Water flows down the aquarium and back
to the pump to create a gyre flow within the
aquarium. There are10 speed adjustments
to choose from.
Pulse mode:
This will create waves within the aquarium
when the pump is mounted horizontally.
The time can be set for each surge (wave)
of water.
Alternating Gyre mode:
The pump will flow in a forward motion for
a set period of time then reverse for a set
period to simulate tidal movement. Forward
and reverse flow speeds can be individually
set (10 x forward 10 x reverse speeds).
Feeding mode:
The pump will stop for 10 minutes whilst
you feed your fish then resume its previous

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