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NT Labs Artemia Brine Shrimp Food

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Brine Shrimp Food

Correct Particle Size for Newly Hatched Brine Shrimp
Provides Total Nutrition
A Cheaper way to feed "live fish food" to tropical and marine fish. Brine Shrimp Food is specially formulated food for Sea Monkeys, Artemia salina, Daphnia & Infusoria Cultures. Provides a complete diet to feed growing shrimps in tropical and/or marine aquariums, total nutrition, and correct particle size for growing newly hatched brine shrimps to adult, which can then be fed to fish. Ideal feed for all species of Marine Aquarium and Tropical Aquarium Fish.

Raises nauplii to adults in twelve days.

Scientifically formulated by twelve years of research.

Does not contaminate water.

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