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NT Labs Stockingfiller Plant Boost & Co2 Boost

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NT Labs Stockingfiller Plant Boost & Co2 Boost

NTLabs Plant Boost
When to use?
Live plants require light and nutrients to grow.
Whilst your aquarium light will provide one element,
plants will rapidly consume nutrients from the water.
These nutrients must be replaced to ensure your plants continue to grow and thrive.

Plant Boost can be used every day to maintain healthy plant growth.
Don’t forget that plants need between 12-15 hours of light a day.

NTLabs Co2 Boost
When to use?
All plants need carbon to grow.
Aquatic plants obtain their carbon through CO2 dissolved in water.
With Liquid CO2 Boost, plants will grow more vigorously,
removing algae-causing macronutrients such as nitrate and phosphate.

Use daily, or every other day,
to provide plants with a regular and consistent supply of carbon.

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