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SeaWay Aqua Medium Marine Pellets 125g

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Marine Pellet Medium Seaway Aqua’s Marine Pellets Medium (M) are a complete balanced diet offering rapid growth whilst still supporting the fishes’ immune system and are intended for both carnivorous and omnivores fish. Seaway Aqua's Medium Marine Pellets are developed for Medium sized Reef aquarium fishes nutritional needs. Extruding at low temperatures ensures vital nutrients are maintained in the food. The addition of hydrolysate allows the fishes body to consume these nutrients more readily. Pellets soften in contact with water attracting even the most finicky fish; our slow sinking formula increases feeding opportunities. Pellet size 2.8 - 3.2mm Protein 44% , Lipids 21% , Ash 7% , Moisture 7.5% , Fibre 1%

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