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The Seahorse Conservation Trust


The Seahorse Conservation Trust 


The Seahorse is one of the most interesting and popular fish in the hobby. Unfortunately it is well documented that these wonderful majestic creatures are in danger of extinction in the wild through relentless collection largely for Chinese medicine and the loss of their natural habitat. The UK pet trade has responded by banning the importation of these wonderful creatures and now all seahorses sold in the UK are captive bred which can only be good for their future.

Kaleidoscope has long been supporters of this small contribution to seahorse conservation.

With the launch of this website Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre has now teamed up with the Seahorse Conservation Trust to help make our customers more aware of the seahorse’s plight. You can also find out more about the Seahorse Conservation Trust and the vital work that they do. You can also visit the Seahorse Conservation Trust website by clicking the link below.

The Seahorse Trust (registered charity no. 1086027)

Escot Park Ottery St Mary Nr Honiton Devon EX11 1LU

Tel: 01404 822373

Visit The Seahorse Trust

Visit the British Seahorse Survey Website

Please visit Our Seahorse Trust Fund Raising Page.



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